Private Wealth Asset Management

Our asset management group is responsible for the oversight and management of assets in Private Wealth by setting and managing your portfolio strategies, whether you’re an individual, corporation or non-profit1. Beginning with a top-down view of the global economy and market environment, our Chief Investment Officer and the senior members of our Investment Committee meet regularly to identify investment opportunities for your portfolios. Our goal is for you to retain your wealth and keep it growing by establishing well-diversified investment plans based on your individual goals, risk tolerance and lifestyle needs. Our investment program’s services are tailored to achieve your objectives.

Fiduciary Services1

By having CIBC as your corporate trustee, you will have peace of mind knowing that a corporate fiduciary will act in an impartial and objective manner to administer your trust in accordance with the terms of the trust document and all relevant laws and regulations. As a corporate trustee, we provide personalized service to the beneficiaries of the trust while insuring that the grantor’s intent is respected and followed.

Each trust has a dedicated trust officer and portfolio manager assigned to the relationship. Our trust officers have experience administering complex trusts and our investment team provides professional investment management services that adhere to fiduciary standards.

As part of our fiduciary services, we offer investment of trust assets, review and interpretation of governing instrument provisions, tax preparation services, principal and income accounting, and bill pay services. We also work with outside professional advisors in specialized practice areas, including wealth planning strategies, estate planning attorneys and accountants.

Investment Advisory1

Whether you are still accumulating wealth, investing for retirement, planning for future generations or have other goals, CIBC can develop an asset management plan tailored to your short, intermediate and long-term goals. We work with you to develop a comprehensive plan focusing on all aspects of your personal balance sheet. Once we have agreed on an appropriate course of action, we execute the plan keeping you informed along the way.

Our objective approach to investment management is designed to optimize performance through multi-asset class, multi-style and multi-manager diversification and balances expected return, risk, tax sensitivity and cost.

Corporate and Institutional Services

We offer a full range of institutional asset management and custody services, including Escrow Services for business transactions and legal settlements. You receive a high level of personal attention, online reporting is available, and cash is invested at attractive rates.

Product and Platform

Our Investment Platform in asset management is designed to provide you with a conflict free lineup of asset management options covering a wide range of asset classes and access to global markets and products. Our due diligence process takes a strategic approach in identifying investment managers that we partner with who are experts in their specific asset class. We perform a stringent investigation of each manager, as well as utilizing an independent active monitoring process for all managers on our platform. The investment options on our platform support the portfolio construction process utilized by our Investment Committee to create a well diversified portfolio for you.

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For more information, contact:

William Norris
Chief Investment Officer
(312) 564-1921

Lisa Tesarik
Managing Director, Product and Platform
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